Floating away like the fountains' spray,

Or the snow-white plume of a maiden,

The smoke-wreaths rise to the starlit skies

With blissful fragrance laden.

_Chorus._ Then smoke away till a golden ray

Lights up the dawn of the morrow,

For a cheerful cigar, like a shield, will bar,

The blows of care and sorrow.

The leaf burns bright,
ike the gems of light

That flash in the braids of Beauty;

It nerves each heart for the hero's part

On the battle-plain of duty.

In the thoughtful gloom of his darkened room,

Sits the child of song and story,

But his heart is light, for his pipe burns bright,

And his dreams are all of glory.

By the blazing fire sits the gray-haired sire,

And infant arras surround him;

And he smiles on all in that quaint old hall,

While the smoke-curls float around him.

In the forest grand of our native land,

When the savage conflict ended,

The "pipe of peace" brought a sweet release

From toil and terror blended.

The dark-eyed train of the maids of Spain

'Neath their arbor shades trip lightly,

And a gleaming cigar, like a new-born star,

In the clasp of their lips burns brightly

It warms the soul like the blushing bowl,

With its rose-red burden streaming,

And drowns it in bliss, like the first warm kiss

From the lips with love-buds teeming.