When my pipe burns bright and clear,

The gods I need not envy here;

And as the smoke fades in the wind,

Our fleeting life it brings to mind.

Noble weed! that comforts life,

And art with calmest pleasures rife;

Heaven grant thee sunshine and warm rain,

And to thy planter health and gain.

Through thee, friend of my solitude,

With hope and patience I'm endued,

Deep sinks thy power within my heart,

And cares and sorrows all depart.

Then let non-smokers rail forever;

Shall their hard words true friends dissever?

Pleasure's too rare to cast away

My pipe, for what the railers say!

When love grows cool, thy fire still warms me,

When friends are fled, thy presence charms me;

If thou art full, though purse be bare,

I smoke, and cast away all care!

_German Folk Song._