To my sweet cigarette I am singing

This joyous and bright bacca-role;

Just now to my lips she was clinging,

Her spirit was soothing my soul.

With figure so slender and dapper

I feel the soft touch of it yet,

Adorned in her dainty white wrapper,

How fair is my own cigarette!

'Twere bet
er, perhaps, that we part, love;

'Twere better, if never we'd met.

Alas, you are part of my heart, love,

Destructive but sweet cigarette!

Though matchless, by matches she's fired,

And glows both with pleasure and pride;

By her soft, balmy breath I'm inspired,

And kiss and caress my new bride.

E'en the clouds of her nature are joyous,

Though other clouds cause us regret;

From worry and care they decoy us,

The clouds of a sweet cigarette.

'Twere better, etc.

The houris in paradise living

Dissolve in the first love embrace,

Their life to their love freely giving,--

And so with my love 'tis the case;

For when her life's last spark is flying,

Still sweet to the end is my pet,

Who helps me, although she is dying,

To light up a fresh cigarette!

'Twere better, etc.