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Smoking Poems

Shade of Herrick, Muse of Locker, Help me sing of Knic...

Pipe And Tobacco.
When my pipe burns bright and clear, The gods I need n...

A Bachelor's Views.
A pipe, a book, A cosy nook, A fire,--at least ...

The Pipe You Make Yourself.
There's clay pipes an' briar pipes an' meerschaum pipes a...

The Indian weed, withered quite, Green at noon, cut do...

Sic Transit.
Just a note that I found on my table, By the bills of ...

To My Cigar.
The warmth of thy glow, Well-lighted cigar, Makes h...

The hateful man! 'Twould vex a saint! Around my pretty...

"a Free Puff."
Do you remember when first we met? I was turning twent...

My After-dinner Cloud.
Some sombre evening, when I sit And feed in solitude...

The Pipe Critic.
Say, pipe, let's talk of love; Canst aid me?...

The Last Pipe.
When head is sick and brain doth swim, And heavy hangs...

Pernicious Weed!
The pipe, with solemn interposing puff, Makes half a s...

Motto For A Tobacco Jar.
Come! don't refuse sweet Nicotina's aid, But woo the...

The True Leucothoe.
Let others praise the god of wine, Or Venus, love, a...

A Song Without A Name.
AIR: "_THE VICAR OF BRAY_." 'Twas in Queen Bess's gold...

I. When all the panes are hung with frost, Wild wiz...

Invocation To Tobacco.
Weed of the strange flower, weed of the earth, Killer ...

The Dreamer's Pipe.
Meerschaum, thing with amber tip, Clutched between the...

The Ballade Of Tobacco.
When verdant youth sees life afar, And first sets ou...


There's a charm in the sun-crested hills,
In the quivering light of a star,
In the flash of a silvery rill,
Yet to me thou art lovelier far,
My Meerschaum!

There's a love in her witching dark eye,
There's a love in her tresses at play,
Yet her love would be worth not a sigh,
If from thee she could lure me away,
My Meerschaum!

Let revellers sing of their wine,
As they toss it in ecstasy down,
But the bowl I call for is thine,
With its deepening amber and brown,
My Meerschaum!

For when trouble would bid me despair,
I call for a flagon of beer,
And puff a defiance to care,
Till sorrows in smoke disappear,
My Meerschaum!

Though mid pleasures unnumbered I whirl,
Though I traverse the billowy sea,
Yet the waving and beautiful curl
Of thy smoke's ever dearer to me,
My Meerschaum!




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