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Smoking Poems

An Ode Of Thanks For Certain Cigars.
_TO CHARLES ELIOT NORTON._ Luck, my dear Norton, still...

Henry Fielding.
Friend of my youth, companion of my later days. Wh...

On Receipt Of A Rare Pipe.
I lifted off the lid with anxious care, Removed the ...

In Wreaths Of Smoke.
In wreaths of smoke, blown waywardwise, Faces of o...

My After-dinner Cloud.
Some sombre evening, when I sit And feed in solitude...

My Friendly Pipe.
Let sybarites still dream delights While smoking cig...

A Pipe Of Tobacco.
Let the learned talk of books, The glutton...

The Smoke Traveller.
When I puff my cigarette, Straight I see a Spanish g...

Let poets rhyme of what they will, Youth, Beauty, Love...

Smoking Song.
With grateful twirl our smoke-wreaths curl, As mist ...

A Song Without A Name.
AIR: "_THE VICAR OF BRAY_." 'Twas in Queen Bess's gold...

The Old Clay Pipe.
There's a lot of solid comfort In an old clay pipe, ...

The Ballade Of Tobacco.
When verdant youth sees life afar, And first sets ou...

Cannon Song.
Come, seniors, come, and fill your pipes, Your richest...

A Brief Puff Of Smoke.
Great Doctor Parr, the learned Whig, Ne'er deemed the ...

A Good Cigar.
Oh, 'tis well and enough, A whiff or a puff From th...

Motto For A Tobacco Jar.
Come! don't refuse sweet Nicotina's aid, But woo the...

My Little Brown Pipe.
I have a little comforter, I carry in my pocket: ...

Ingin Summer.
Jest about the time when Fall Gits to rattlin' in th...

Choosing A Wife By A Pipe Of Tobacco.
Tube, I love thee as my life; By thee I mean to choose...


Two maiden dames of sixty-two
Together long had dwelt;
Neither, alas! of love so true
The bitter pang had felt.

But age comes on, they say, apace,
To warn us of our death,
And wrinkles mar the fairest face,--
At last it stops our breath.

One of these dames tormented sore
With that curst pang, toothache,
Was at a loss for such a bore
What remedy to take.

"I've heard," thought she, "this ill to cure,
A pipe is good, they say.
Well then, tobacco I'll endure,
And smoke the pain away."

The pipe was lit, the tooth soon well,
And she retired to rest,
When then the other ancient belle
Her spinster maid addressed,--

"Let me request a favor, pray"--
"I'll do it if I can"--
"Oh! well, then, love, smoke every day,
_You smell so like a man!_"




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