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Smoking Poems

The Patriotic Smoker's Lament.
Tell me, shade of Walter Raleigh, Briton of the true...

Sublime Tobacco.
But here the herald of the self-same mouth Came breath...

I. When all the panes are hung with frost, Wild wiz...

The Smoke Traveller.
When I puff my cigarette, Straight I see a Spanish g...

Song Of The Smoke-wreaths.
_SUNG TO THE SMOKERS._ Not like clouds that cap the mo...

To An Old Pipe.
Once your smoothly polished face Nestled lightly in a ...

Sweet Smoking Pipe.
Sweet smoking pipe; bright glowing stove, Companion ...

Invocation To Tobacco.
Weed of the strange flower, weed of the earth, Killer ...

To C.f. Bradford.
_ON THE GIFT OF A MEERSCHAUM PIPE._ The pipe came safe...

Maecenas Bids His Friend To Dine.
I beg you come to-night and dine. A welcome waits you, a...

The hateful man! 'Twould vex a saint! Around my pretty...

In Wreaths Of Smoke.
In wreaths of smoke, blown waywardwise, Faces of o...

Pipe And Tobacco.
When my pipe burns bright and clear, The gods I need n...

The Pipe You Make Yourself.
There's clay pipes an' briar pipes an' meerschaum pipes a...

Cannon Song.
And it has turned since you and I Set out to face th...

Sic Transit.
Just a note that I found on my table, By the bills of ...

The Happy Smoking-ground.
When that last pipe is smoked at last And pouch and ...

In Favor Of Tobacco.
Much victuals serves for gluttony To fatten men like s...

Geordie To His Tobacco-pipe.
Good pipe, old friend, old black and colored friend, W...

To My Cigar.
The warmth of thy glow, Well-lighted cigar, Makes h...


What is it comes through the deepening dusk,--
Something sweeter than jasmine scent,
Sweeter than rose and violet blent,
More potent in power than orange or musk?
The scent of a good cigar.

I am all alone in my quiet room,
And the windows are open wide and free
To let in the south wind's kiss for me,
While I rock in the softly gathering gloom,
And that subtle fragrance steals.

Just as a loving, tender hand
Will sometimes steal in yours,
It softly comes through the open doors,
And memory wakes at its command,--
The scent of that good cigar.

And what does it say? Ah! that's for me
And my heart alone to know;
But that heart thrills with a sudden glow,
Tears fill my eyes till I cannot see,--
From the scent of that good cigar.




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