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Smoking Poems

It May Be Weeds.
It may be weeds I've gathered too; But even weeds...

Inscription For A Tobacco Jar.
Keep me at hand; and as my fumes arise, You'll find _a...

Cannon Song.
And it has turned since you and I Set out to face th...

The Discovery Of Tobacco.
'Twas in the days of good Queen Bess,-- Or p'raps a ...

On Receipt Of A Rare Pipe.
I lifted off the lid with anxious care, Removed the ...

Ad Nicotina.
"_A CONSTRAINED HYPERBOLE._" Let others sing the prais...

Cigarette Rings.
How it blows! How it rains! I'll not turn out to-night; ...

He Respondeth.
SHE. You still persist in using, I observe with g...

The Dreamer's Pipe.
Meerschaum, thing with amber tip, Clutched between the...

Old Pipe Of Mine.
Companion of my lonely hours, Full many a time 'twix...

On A Broken Pipe.
Neglected now it lies, a cold clay form, So late with ...

A Song Without A Name.
AIR: "_THE VICAR OF BRAY_." 'Twas in Queen Bess's gold...

Ode To My Pipe.
O Blessed pipe, That now I clutch within my gripe, ...

The Last Pipe.
When head is sick and brain doth swim, And heavy hangs...

To My Meerschaum.
There's a charm in the sun-crested hills, In the qui...

Pernicious Weed!
The pipe, with solemn interposing puff, Makes half a s...

The Cigar.
Some sigh for this and that, My wishes don't go far;...

Choosing A Wife By A Pipe Of Tobacco.
Tube, I love thee as my life; By thee I mean to choose...

A Pipe Of Tobacco.
Let the toper regale in his tankard of ale, Or with ...

Cigars And Beer.
Here With my beer I sit, While g...


What is it comes through the deepening dusk,--
Something sweeter than jasmine scent,
Sweeter than rose and violet blent,
More potent in power than orange or musk?
The scent of a good cigar.

I am all alone in my quiet room,
And the windows are open wide and free
To let in the south wind's kiss for me,
While I rock in the softly gathering gloom,
And that subtle fragrance steals.

Just as a loving, tender hand
Will sometimes steal in yours,
It softly comes through the open doors,
And memory wakes at its command,--
The scent of that good cigar.

And what does it say? Ah! that's for me
And my heart alone to know;
But that heart thrills with a sudden glow,
Tears fill my eyes till I cannot see,--
From the scent of that good cigar.




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