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Smoking Poems

Ad Nicotina.
"_A CONSTRAINED HYPERBOLE._" Let others sing the prais...

To See Her Pipe Awry.
Betty bouncer kept a stall At the corner of a street...

Another Match.
_AFTER A.C. SWINBURNE._ If love were dhudeen olden, ...

Smoking Away.
Floating away like the fountains' spray, Or the snow...

Geordie To His Tobacco-pipe.
Good pipe, old friend, old black and colored friend, W...

Effusion By A Cigar Smoker.
Warriors! who from the cannon's mouth blow fire, ...

Smoking Song.
With grateful twirl our smoke-wreaths curl, As mist ...

My After-dinner Cloud.
Some sombre evening, when I sit And feed in solitude...

Inscription For A Tobacco Jar.
Keep me at hand; and as my fumes arise, You'll find _a...

How It Once Was.
Right stout and strong the worthy burghers stood, ...

A Pipe Of Tobacco.
Let the learned talk of books, The glutton...

To thee, blest weed, whose sovereign wiles, O'er cankere...

My Meerschaums.
Long pipes and short ones, straight and curved, High...

The Ballade Of Tobacco.
When verdant youth sees life afar, And first sets ou...

The Discovery Of Tobacco.
'Twas in the days of good Queen Bess,-- Or p'raps a ...

Come to me, O my meerschaum, For the vile street organ...

In Favor Of Tobacco.
Much victuals serves for gluttony To fatten men like s...

On A Tobacco Jar.
Three hundred years ago or soe, One worthy knight an...

With Pipe And Book.
With Pipe and Book at close of day, Oh, what is sweete...

Cigarette Rings.
How it blows! How it rains! I'll not turn out to-night; ...


Once your smoothly polished face
Nestled lightly in a case;
'Twas a jolly cosy place,
I surmise;

And a zealous subject blew
On your cheeks, until they grew
To the fascinating hue
Of her eyes.

Near a rusty-hilted sword,
Now upon my mantel-board,
Where my curios are stored,
You recline.

You were pleasant company when
By the scribbling of her pen
I was sent the ways of men
To repine.

Tell me truly (you were there
When she ceased that debonair
Correspondence and affair)
I suppose

That she laughed and smiled all day;
Or did gentle tear-drops stray
Down her charming _retroussee_
Little nose?

Where the sunbeams, coyly still,
Fall upon the mantel-sill,
You perpetually will
Silence woo;

And I fear that she herself,
By the little chubby elf.
Will be laid upon the shelf
Just as you.




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