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Smoking Poems

An Ode Of Thanks For Certain Cigars.
_TO CHARLES ELIOT NORTON._ Luck, my dear Norton, still...

Those Ashes.
Up to the frescoed ceiling The smoke of my cigarette...

Shade of Herrick, Muse of Locker, Help me sing of Knic...

An Old Sweetheart Of Mine.
As one who cons at evening o'er an album all alone, An...

Come to me, O my meerschaum, For the vile street organ...

Smoking Spiritualized.
The following old poem was long ascribed, on apparently...

In Favor Of Tobacco.
Much victuals serves for gluttony To fatten men like s...

My Meerschaums.
Long pipes and short ones, straight and curved, High...

Maecenas Bids His Friend To Dine.
I beg you come to-night and dine. A welcome waits you, a...

Pernicious Weed!
The pipe, with solemn interposing puff, Makes half a s...

The Dreamer's Pipe.
Meerschaum, thing with amber tip, Clutched between the...

Sublime Tobacco.
But here the herald of the self-same mouth Came breath...

The Patriotic Smoker's Lament.
Tell me, shade of Walter Raleigh, Briton of the true...

A Bachelor's Soliloquy.
I sit all alone with my pipe by the fire, I ne'er kn...

How It Once Was.
Right stout and strong the worthy burghers stood, ...

A Pipe Of Tobacco.
Let the learned talk of books, The glutton...

Cannon Song.
Come, seniors, come, and fill your pipes, Your richest...

Ode To Tobacco.
Come then, Tobacco, new-found friend, Come, and thy ...

To My Meerschaum.
There's a charm in the sun-crested hills, In the qui...

To The Rev. Mr. Newton.
Says the Pipe to the Snuff-box, "I can't understand ...


I owe to smoking, more or less,
Through life the whole of my success;
With my cigar I'm sage and wise,--
Without, I'm dull as cloudy skies.

When smoking, all my ideas soar,
When not, they sink upon the floor.
The greatest men have all been smokers,
And so were all the greatest jokers.
Then ye who'd bid adieu to care,
Come here and smoke it into air.


Sir Walter Raleigh! name of worth,
How sweet for thee to know
King James, who never smoked on earth,
Is smoking down below.



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