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Smoking Poems

An Encomium On Tobacco.
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An Old Sweetheart Of Mine.
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My Friendly Pipe.
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To A Pipe Of Tobacco.
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"a Free Puff."
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The Duet.
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Maecenas Bids His Friend To Dine.
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"keats Took Snuff."
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The Discovery Of Tobacco.
_A SAILOR'S VERSION_. They were three jolly sailors bo...



If love were dhudeen olden,
And I were like the weed,
Oh! we would live together
And love the jolly weather,
And bask in sunshine golden,
Rare pals of choicest breed;
If love were dhudeen olden,
And I were like the weed.

If you were oil essential,
And I were nicotine,
We'd hatch up wicked treason,
And spoil each smoker's reason,
Till he grew penitential,
And turned a bilious green;
If you were oil essential,
And I were nicotine.

If you were snuff, my darling,
And I, your love, the box.
We'd live and sneeze together,
Shut out from all the weather,
And anti-snuffers snarling,
In neckties orthodox;
If you were snuff, my darling,
And I, your love, the box.

If you were the aroma,
And I were simply smoke,
We'd skyward fly together,
As light as any feather;
And flying high as Homer,
His gray old ghost we'd choke;
If you were the aroma,
And I were simply smoke.

From _Cope's Tobacco Plant_.


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