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Smoking Poems

The Dreamer's Pipe.
Meerschaum, thing with amber tip, Clutched between the...

Choosing A Wife By A Pipe Of Tobacco.
Tube, I love thee as my life; By thee I mean to choose...

In Rotten Row.
In Rotten Row a cigarette I sat and smoked, with no re...

Smoking Song.
With grateful twirl our smoke-wreaths curl, As mist ...

Inscription For A Tobacco Jar.
Keep me at hand; and as my fumes arise, You'll find _a...

A Brief Puff Of Smoke.
Great Doctor Parr, the learned Whig, Ne'er deemed the ...

The Cigar.
Some sigh for this and that, My wishes don't go far;...

It May Be Weeds.
It may be weeds I've gathered too; But even weeds...

Two Other Hearts.
Full tender beamed the light of love down from his manl...

The Ballade Of Tobacco.
When verdant youth sees life afar, And first sets ou...

My Meerschaums.
Long pipes and short ones, straight and curved, High...

In Favor Of Tobacco.
Much victuals serves for gluttony To fatten men like s...

The Farmer's Pipe.
Make a picture, dreamy smoke, In my still and cosey ...

Song Of The Smoke-wreaths.
_SUNG TO THE SMOKERS._ Not like clouds that cap the mo...

The Ballad Of The Pipe.
Oh, give me but Virginia's weed, An earthen bowl, a st...

The Old Clay Pipe.
There's a lot of solid comfort In an old clay pipe, ...

What I Like.
To lie with half-closed eyes, as in a dream, Upon the ...

Smokers, who doubt or con or pro, And ye who dare to...

To My Cigar.
Yes, social friend, I love thee well, In learned doc...

The Discovery Of Tobacco.
'Twas in the days of good Queen Bess,-- Or p'raps a ...


At Yeni-Djami, after Rhamadan,
The pacha in his palace lolls at ease;
Latakieh fumes his sensual palate please,
While round-limbed almees dance near his divan.

Slaves lure away _ennui_ with flowers and fan;
And as his gem-tipped chibouque glows, he sees,
In dreamy trance, those marvellous mysteries
The prophet sings of in the Al-Koran!

Pale, dusk-eyed girls, with sequin-studded hair,
Dart through the opal clouds like agile deer,
With sensuous curves his fancy to provoke,--
Delicious houris, ravishing and fair,
Who to his vague and drowsy mind appear
Like fragrant phantoms arabesqued in smoke!




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