Says the Pipe to the Snuff-box, "I can't understand

What the ladies and gentlemen see in your face,

That you are in fashion all over the land,

And I am so much fallen into disgrace.

"Do but see what a pretty contemplative air

I give to the company,--pray do but note 'em,--

You would think that the wise men of Greece were all there,

Or, at least, would suppose them the wi
e men of Gotham.

"My breath is as sweet as the breath of blown roses,

While you are a nuisance where'er you appear;

There is nothing but snivelling and blowing of noses,

Such a noise as turns any man's stomach to hear."

Then, lifting his lid in a delicate way,

And opening his mouth with a smile quite engaging.

The Box in reply was heard plainly to say,

"What a silly dispute is this we are Waging!

"If you have a little of merit to claim,

You may thank the sweet-smelling Virginian weed;

And I, if I seem to deserve any blame,

The before-mentioned drug in apology plead.

"Thus neither the praise nor the blame is our own,

No room for a sneer, much less a cachinnus;

We are vehicles, not of tobacco alone,

But of anything else they may choose to put in us."