Let the learned talk of books,

The glutton of cooks,

The lover of Celia's soft smack--O!

No mortal can boast

So noble a toast

As a pipe of accepted tobacco.

Let the soldier for fame,

And a general's name,

In battle get many a thwack--O!

Let who will have most,

Who will rule the rooste,
r /> Give me but a pipe of tobacco.

Tobacco gives wit

To the dullest old cit,

And makes him of politics crack--O!

The lawyers i' the hall

Were not able to bawl,

Were it not for a whiff of tobacco.

The man whose chief glory

Is telling a story,

Had never arrived at the smack--O!

Between ever heying,

And as I was saying,

Did he not take a whiff of tobacco.

The doctor who places

Much skill in grimaces,

And feels your pulse running tic-tack--O!

Would you know his chief skill?

It is only to fill

And smoke a good pipe of tobacco.

The courtiers alone

To this weed are not prone;

Would you know what 'tis makes them so slack--O?

'Twas because it inclined

To be honest the mind,

And therefore they banished tobacco.